The Adventures of LJ and GE™

Welcome to my first blog post. I am L.J. Rohan and I am a Certified Gerontologist. I am here to
help empower you in every aspect of your life to be the healthiest, sharpest, and most joyous
you can be. My focus is women 55+, but the information here will help women of all ages—it’s
never too early to start taking great care of yourself. Who doesn’t want to look and feel
fabulous at every age?

I believe living with passion and being fully engaged every day helps to keep us functioning at
our highest levels. Someone once told me, this life is not a dress rehearsal; we can’t say we will
do it tomorrow or get to it later, since this is the one life we know for sure we have to live here
on Mama Earth. In our 50’s, many women take stock of their lives and make changes, but any
age is a good time for making new choices.

I am 58 years young, and I work at putting things in my day to make my heart sing, challenge
my mind, work my body, and replenish my spirit. From my study of gerontology, I now do
things differently, and I have added new activities into my daily routine, activities research says
will help me stay vibrant, keep my brain working at its very best, and slow down the effects of
the passing of time. All of which I will share with you. I don’t always engage my self-care to-do
list, but I try. Every little bit does help, and I have found even 15 minutes doing something
healthful can make me feel better mentally and physically.

On this blog I will talk in-depth about the latest research and what it can do to help us be vital
and radiant. Some of the things we hear touted the loudest as the miracle to stave-off aging
turn out to be a lot of hot air, and I will challenge those claims with solid science to back me up.

I am very excited about this new adventure and I want to hear YOUR questions and concerns on
subjects you would like discussed further.

Until next time…be vibrant!