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March, 2021

My Self-Care Recharging Secret

February, 2021

Becoming the Older Generation

Myth: Older People Need To Be Spoken To Slower And More Simply

January, 2021

Sharing Our Wisdom with the Next Generation

December, 2020


‘Twas the Year Our Pets Saved Us

The Power of Forgiveness

November, 2020

Who Draws George and LJ?

Aging Well in 12 Steps

October, 2020

Today, Start Some Emotional Self-Care

September, 2020

Quarterly Article Recap

How Can a Gerontologist Help Me?

August, 2020

The Life-Changing Sleep Secret!

George Eliot And I Are in Print!

Cerebral Small Vessel Disease. Might You Have It?

July, 2020

Have You Learned a New Skill or Hobby?

Can You Really Give Up Sugar?

June, 2020

Second Quarter Blog Recap

The Unseen Toll of Anxiety

May, 2020

Reversing the Dreaded Dowager’s Hump

One Ringy-Dingy, Two Ringy-Dingy…

Kick Mobility Issues with Vitamin K

April, 2020

Meditation Benefits Our Body and Our Brain

March, 2020

In Case You Missed Something ... My First Quarter 2020 Recap

Electrolytes - We Need Them

Powering Up Our Immune System to stave Off Illness

February, 2020

Living With Intention

Susan Lucci's Heart Attack Scare

Women and Heart Disease: The Good News!

Women and Heart Disease: The Facts May Surprise You Part II

January, 2020

Women and Heart Disease, The Facts May Surprise You Part I

Who Will Care for Us Seniors?


Is Your Cruisin' Causing You Bruisin'

December, 2019

Fourth Quarter Blog Recap

A Plan for 2020

Some Ideas for Bringing in 2020

Get Hygge, Be Happier

Great Remedies for Winter Illnesses

November, 2019

A Gratitude Attitude is Where It's At

Raising Our Awareness about Alzheimer’s Prevention

Powering Up Our Immune Systems

Keeping Your Balance

October, 2019

Food as Prevention in Stopping Breast Cancer

Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall...

Great Information on Breast Cancer Prevention

The Doctor Answers Questions on Breast Cancer and Prevention

September, 2019

Third Quarter Blog Recap

Sleep Suggestions, Part II

Good Sleep Suggestions Part I

Sleep and Women: At Midlife and Beyond

The Skinny on Sleep

July, 2019

Food for Thought: Which Foods Slow Down Aging?

It’s Never Too Late to Help Our Aging Brain!

Tapping Into a Better Brain

Set in our Ways

Quarterly Blog Post Recap

June, 2019

How Much Water Should I Drink a Day? Part II

How Much Water Should I Drink a Day? Part I

Are You Out of Balance?

Does Aging Suck? Part II

May, 2019

Meditation 101

Does Aging Suck? Part 1

What it Means to Age in Place

People Ask Me, “Please Define Gerontology.”

April, 2019

Dancing May Be the Best Aerobic Exercise to Reduce Dementia

How Stress Negatively Impacts Your Memory

Why Multi-tasking is Draining Your Brain and Memory Banks

The Role of Telomeres in Slowing Down Our Aging Clock and How to Increase Them

What With Age Comes Wisdom Really Means

March, 2019

This Week’s Wonder Woman: Dame Freya Stark

Quarterly Blog Recap

This Week’s Wonder Woman: Victoria Claflin Woodhull

Do I Really Need to Buy Organic Food? Yes and No. Here’s Why.

This Week's Wonder Woman: Hildegard of Bingen

This Week's Wonder Woman: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Get a Jump This Year on Seasonal Affective Disorder!

February, 2019

10 Inspirational Black Women You Need to Know

How Pets Keep Seniors Healthy

Change is Hard

12 Best Brain Foods for Memory, Concentration, and Brain Health

January, 2019

Your Brain on Food

The Gut-Brain Connection

Vitamins for Brain Health and Longevity

Fun and Fitness for Your Brain

December, 2018

Blogs In Review 2018

With Age Comes Wisdom

Sugar Land

Make It Fun!

Tapping Into A Better Brain

November, 2018

Sending Gratitude All Year

Seeing the Best in Everyone

Lift Your Spirits and Your Skirt this Season

A Win-Win to Cope With Loneliness This Holiday Season

October, 2018

More Answers From Dr. Claudia Harsh

Prevention On Our Plates

Belly Up To The Bar...Or, Not

Weighing In On Breast Cancer Preventions

The Doctor Is In With Answers

September, 2018

Our Vibrant Hearts

Keeping Our Mental Momentum

The Physical Aspects of AGING VIBRANTLY

What Does it Mean To Live Vibrantly?

July, 2018

The Goods on Meditation

We're Out of Control!

Losing Our Armor

Up Your Happiness Quotient

June, 2018

Radical Gratitude

The Gifts and Glue of Gratitude

Raising Your Gratitude Quotient

An Attitude of Gratitude

May, 2018

Make Love and Music

Play it Again, Sam

I Hear Music

The Magic of the Music

April, 2018

Are You Out of Balance?

Jo Ann Jenkins Rocks!

Why I Became a Gerontologist

Explaining Gerontology

Seniors Don't Have Sex*

March, 2018

The Rhythm of the Drums

Shake Your Booty

More is Better

Move It and Improve It

February, 2018

Slowing Down Our Clocks

Stress and Memory

Draining Our Memory Bank

What Does Aging Look Like to You?

January, 2018