My Journey

Our body and how it works has always fascinated me, but my interest became personal at age twenty-three when I learned I had severe endometriosis. I spent the next two decades attempting to understand and heal my disease. I endured several surgeries and tried everything from the latest developments in western medical procedures to radical alternative treatments. My goals became good health and the preservation of my reproductive organs so that I could have children. At forty-six, I had a full hysterectomy, which put me into surgically induced post-menopause without ever being able to conceive.

After my surgery, so many questions remained. My ob-gyn doctor and other doctors I consulted had few answers. Books on menopause covered only a handful of issues, and didn’t tell me anything about how to take care of myself now that I was “post-menopausal,” a chapter in a woman’s life that can last 30+ years. It seemed there was a great need for experts who could guide a woman in all areas, and help her to be as healthy and vibrant as possible. I decided to become one of those experts, and returned to school to study gerontology. I selected gerontology because it incorporates all facets of our human experience. (See my “What the Heck Is Gerontology?” tab). It proved to be the right choice, as I learned from the latest research what can help us slow down the process of aging and empower our later years with vitality and radiance. I am a member of the Gerontological Society of America, the American Sociological Society, and the North American Menopause Society. Through my blog, I will talk about these exciting (and other fun!) opportunities for aging vibrantly.