“I just love your drawings. They capture the essence of what is the special bond we have with our pups – and remind me of myself and my girl – same markings”
— Jennifer M.

“I appreciate you and love your posts… Congrats on the book and Thanks for making people aware of the importance in aging well.”
— Dee B.

On L.J.’s new book, Live Vibrantly! With L.J. & Her Dog George Eliot:
“What a treasure was in my mailbox just now!  I love it already!!!
I am going to have my 1st of endless readings. It is a treasure that lifts my spirits by just looking at it. I love the quote from Pearl S Buck.”

“I so enjoy your posts and look forward to reading your book!
You are a great role model to all women- it is never too late to follow a dream! You inspire me!”

“These amazing blogs are so chocked full of good info! You know it’s knowledge some of us have from other sources, but to see it all again in this format really makes an impact. Being reminded that my ‘armor’ has been compromised due to age, takes the load off. I know it’s the universal belief that crisis makes one stronger, but it’s also true as I am discovering, that one’s ability to immediately handle the scary and sad times has diminished. Understanding that it’s nature’s way and not totally my imbalance, gives me a measure of peace. It also helps me understand I need to be more aware that I am still in charge, and can do something beneficial and significant–thanks to your blogs– to ride out the “green monkeys” when they jump me.”
— Sally K.

“I share every one of your posts and many of my friends are on here so I’m sure they’re benefiting also. Thanks again!”
— Donna O.

“Great news! It’s such a challenge to keep up with evolving findings. Thanks for keeping us in-the-know.”
— Diane M.

“I really enjoy your posts, good information, thank you.”
— Kathy

“I can’t think of anyone with better insights and more genuine caring. I’m so delighted that this resource will be available to additional people. Count me as an LJ Rohan fan.”
— Mitzi

“Thanks for reminding me. Sometimes I forget to give this most important entity- Thanks. Thanks for opening my eyes every day.”
— Dwight O.

“Love it! So true! Thank you for sharing.”
— Julie

“Your word are encouraging & a goal I need to accomplish. Food is addictive & my downfall.”
— Yvonne

“Inspirational & motivational”
— Melody

“Please consider coming to Mt. we have no one in anyway like you and your field. And Montana is a beautiful place to live. Thanks for all you’re doing!!”
— Donna

“I especially like your meditation on Gratitude. I listen to it every night as I fall asleep; it really helps as I have been working on getting better sleep for some time.
Your newsletters seem to address what I’m dealing with – always with perfect timing.”
— Candace