Vibrant Aging™ 101:

A digital course on aging vibrantly with LJ Rohan

Do you think you can change the course of your aging?

Would you like to feel better as you get older?

Be healthier and have more energy?

Be happier every day?

If your answer to any of these questions is, I hope so or Yes!, then I’d be honored to be your Vibrant Aging™ Coach. Join my introductory class, Vibrant Aging™ 101.

It is the perfect way to start you on the path to a more Vibrant YOU.

You will receive the newest, best, science-based information available on how you can slow down your aging clock to feel and look younger.

Here is some of the things we will cover in this self-paced class:

  • Recognizing Ageism
  • What exactly is Vibrant Aging™?
  • What Are the Physical Aspects of Aging Vibrantly?
  • How to Keep Our Brains Humming
  • The Secret Sauce for Living Vibrantly

 If this sounds like an offer you can’t refuse. Sign up for my introductory class, Vibrant Aging™ 101.

 Who wouldn’t want their very own Vibrant Aging™ Coach to help them feel and look More Vibrant?

Vibrant Aging™ 101: Learning Path

You pick the start day that is perfect for you and take the class at your own pace

Day 1: The Field of Healthful Aging

Get tips on how gerontologists can help you age vibrantly.

Day 2: Drilling into Ageism

Knowledge is power. Learn the truth about the last unacceptable stereotype so we can change the conversation.

Day 3: We've Come a Long Way

Want to change the course of your aging? Try these tips.

Day 4: The Foundation for Aging Vibrantly

Build your more vibrant life with these proven suggestions.

Day 5: The Physical Aspects of Aging Vibrantly

Our bodies are miraculous machines. Here are ways to keep it running strong well into our nineties and beyond.

Day 6: Your Vibrant Heart

Our emotions—our hearts, keep us young or cause us to age. Learn how to slow down our aging.

Day 7: The Secret Sauce to Aging Vibrantly

We wrap up our life-changing week with how to nourish our spirits and what many scientists think is the key to aging vibrantly.

This online course will not just change the way you think about aging,

it will change the way you think about yourself.

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