Dump The Hump: Preventing and Reversing Dowager’s Hump


If you were to meet with each of these experts individually to receive their advice on prevention, the lifestyle and diet choices that are recommended, plus specific exercises proven to help reverse and prevent Dowager’s Hump, you receive a combined course value of over $800!

Module 1:

L.J. Rohan explains the causes and symptoms of Dowager’s Hump.

In order to prevent or reverse hyperkyphosis, it’s most important to first understand all of the ways that our everyday lifestyle choices are impacting our spine.

Module 2:

Dr. Mary Warren furthers the discussion of Dowager’s Hump and the benefits of improving our posture and our health.

Module 3:

Dr. Michael Williams touches on the origins of arthritis in the spine, osteoporosis, and the importance of developing good habits.

Module 4:

Dr. Brooke Ryan covers the importance of strengthening our back muscles to improve our posture.

Module 5:

L.J. demonstrates the key exercises to help reverse and prevent Dowager’s Hump.



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What Will I Learn?

  • Dump The Hump is a series aimed to help people reverse and prevent Dowager's Hump or kyphosis, which is a condition where the spine curves at an increased angle causing a "hump" in the upper back. This can lead to various problems including bad posture and difficulty breathing due to pressure on the lungs from supporting weight being placed onto them when slouching upright for long periods during day-to-day living activities.

Topics for this course

55 Lessons1h 30m

Module 1, Part 1: Dowager’s Hump

1.1 – Getting the Most Benefit from This Course
1.2 – L.J. Rohan: Explaining Dowager’s Hump00:2:00
1.3 – Knowledge Check: Explaining Dowager’s Hump
1.4 – Causes of Dowager’s Hump00:03:38
1.5 – The Impact on Your Life00:01:49
1.6 – Knowledge Check: The Impact on Your Life
1.11 – [PDF DOWNLOAD] Quick Self-Assessment

Module 1, Part 2: Dowager’s Hump

Module 2, Part 1: Dr. Mary Warren, DC

Module 2, Part 2: Dr. Mary Warren, DC

Module 3, Part 1: Dr. Williams, DC

Module 3, Part 2: Dr. Williams, DC

Module 3, Part 3: Dr. Williams, DC

Module 4, Part 1: Dr. Brooke Ryan, DPT

Module 4, Part 2: Dr. Brooke Ryan, DPT

Module 4, Part 3: Dr. Brooke Ryan, DPT

Module 5, Part 1: Exercises to Dump the Hump

Module 5, Part 2: Exercises to Dump the Hump

Module 5, Part 3: Exercises to Dump the Hump

About the instructor

L. J. Rohan


L.J. Rohan is a Gerontologist, author, blogger, and speaker, covering the latest scientific research related to aging, aging in place, and the study of gerontology. She earned a Master’s Level Graduate Certification in Gerontology, from the University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology. L.J. is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist—a CAPS. L.J. also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Southern Methodist University. L.J. Lives in Dallas and New York. To learn more about L.J. visit LJRohan.com.

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This course was filled with so much helpful information! I have started to see a bit of fatty area on the back of my neck and know that can eventually turn into a Dowager's hump and want to prevent it getting worse. I have been doing the recommended exercises for a couple of weeks and have started watching my diet more closely. Very thankful for this course.


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Target Audience

  • Is your spine unhealthy? Do you have kyphosis or are developing one, and are concerned that it may become worse in the future or already presently is an issue for yourself. If so then this course is designed with all individuals who meet these qualifications!