Vibrant Aging 101: The Basics of Aging Vibrantly


Our body and how it works has always fascinated me, but my interest became personal at age twenty-three when I learned I had severe endometriosis. I spent the next two decades attempting to understand and heal my disease.

At forty-six, I had a full hysterectomy, which put me into surgically induced post-menopause.

After my surgery, so many questions remained.


My ob-gyn doctor and other doctors I consulted had few answers. It seemed there was a great need for experts who could guide a woman in all areas, and help her to be as healthy and vibrant as possible.


I decided to become one of those experts, and returned to school to study gerontology. I selected gerontology because it incorporates all facets of our human experience.


I’m sharing the knowledge I have gained through my personal experience and my professional education with you, starting with the basics of healthy aging.


These topics will provide you with a solid understanding of steps you can take for aging vibrantly.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn what successful aging looks like
  • Physical aspects of healthy aging
  • Secret to living vibrantly
  • Having more fun

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Day 1: The Field Of Healthful Aging

The Field Of Healthful Aging5:46

Day 2: Drilling Into Ageism

Day 3: We’ve Come A Long Way

Day 4: The Foundation Of Aging Vibrantly

Day 5: The Physical Aspects of Aging Vibrantly

Day 6: Your Vibrant Heart

Day 7: The Secret Sauce of Aging Vibrantly

About the instructor

L. J. Rohan


L.J. Rohan is a Gerontologist, author, blogger, and speaker, covering the latest scientific research related to aging, aging in place, and the study of gerontology. She earned a Master’s Level Graduate Certification in Gerontology, from the University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology. L.J. is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist—a CAPS. L.J. also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Southern Methodist University. L.J. Lives in Dallas and New York. To learn more about L.J. visit LJRohan.com.

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