Dump The  Hump

Preventing and Reversing
Dowager's Hump

Discover the secrets to strong, vibrant posture!
Say goodbye to pain and limitations.
Learn how you can reclaim your physical freedom!

What used to be a life sentence of diminishing activity is no longer the case!

What Is Dowager's Hump or Hyperkyphosis?

Do you have a pronounced curve in the upper spine
so you can’t stand up straight, or you stand bent over?

Do you experience pain in your upper back
– or even in your abdomen?

Does your doctor say you are developing osteoporosis
or arthritis in your spine?

Some Signs & Symptoms of Dowager's Hump

Is It True That Only Older Women Get Dowager's Hump?

Dowager’s Hump – or buffalo hump – used to be seen
primarily in “older women”.

That’s no longer the case.

Our changed lifestyles (bending over to look at

computer and phone screens for example) means
hyperkyphosis is more common in younger women
– and men –  than ever before.

Trying to rub the pain away doesn’t work.

That neck pain is a sign that you need to start prevention – NOW.

So   What    Does    Work   for   Dowager's   Hump?

” 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine. “

Roger Sperry, Nobel Laureate 1981 in Physiology and Medicine

There is science-backed research on lifestyle, nutrition and physical activities that can help prevent – and even reverse the progression of – Dowager’s Hump.

Dump the   Hump:

Reversing and Preventing
Dowager’s Hump

This course will give you all the tools needed to help reverse the progression of curvature that is already there, or strengthen your back, trunk, and spinal muscles to prevent it from ever being a part of your life.

Expert Videos

Over the course of five modules, taken at your own pace, you will hear from experts in the field of chiropractic and physical therapy.

Scientific Research

Plus, from me, L.J., your very own Vibrant Aging Coach, I share the latest science-backed facts about this condition.

Lifestyle Changes

You will learn lifestyle choices and specific exercises to reverse and prevent Dowager’s Hump.

For Vibrant Life!

With Dump the Hump: Reversing and Preventing Dowager’s Hump, you will stand proud, tall and upright for life!

  • Great news! It’s such a challenge to keep up with evolving findings. Thanks for keeping us in-the-know!

    - Diane M.

  • I can’t think of anyone with better insights and more genuine caring. I’m so delighted that this resource will be available to additional people. Count me as an LJ Rohan fan.

    - Mitzi

  • ... so chocked full of good info! You know it’s knowledge some of us have from other sources, but to see it all again in this format really makes an impact. ... It also helps me understand I need to be more aware that I am still in charge, and can do something beneficial ...

    - Sally K.

  • This course was filled with so much helpful information! I have been doing the recommended exercises for a couple of weeks and have started watching my diet more closely. Very thankful for this course.

    - Vicky

Meet the Experts

Dr. Mary Warren, DC

Dr. Mary Warren, owner of Road Warrior Wellness™ and Vital Force Wellness, has been practicing, studying and researching in the field of wholistic health care for 25 years. She is the author of Road Warrior Wellness™ Handbooks, The Good, The Bad and The Bankrupt, and Get Yourself Out of Nutritional Deficit. Dr. Warren shares her enthusiasm about wellness and good health through speaking engagements, workshops, consulting and writing internationally.

Dr. Brooke Ryan, DPT

Dr. Brooke Ryan graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, her residency focusing on working with Medicare patients. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. In her practice, Dr. Ryan works with adults of all ages on rehabilitation after surgery, orthopedic conditioning, and whole-body strength-training to aid injury prevention.

Dr. Michael Williams, DC

Dr. Michael Williams is a practicing chiropractor with more than three decades of experience. He is a member of the National Board of Chiropractors Examiners, a member of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture and a Certified multi NAET Practitioner. Dr. Williams focuses on helping older adult achieve and maintain an optimum level of health without pharmaceuticals.

L.J. Rohan, Gerontologist

L.J. Rohan is a Gerontologist, blogger, and speaker, covering the latest scientific research related to aging, aging in place, and the study of gerontology. She earned a Graduate (Master’s Level) Certification in Gerontology, from the University of Southern California’s Davis School of Gerontology. L.J. is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist – CAPS.

Course Syllabus

Module 1:

L.J. Rohan begins with the causes and symptoms of Dowager’s Hump.

Module 2:

Dr. Mary Warren furthers the discussion of Dowager’s Hump and the benefits of improving our posture and our health.

Module 3:

Dr. Michael Williams touches on the origins of arthritis in the spine, osteoporosis, and the importance of developing good habits.

Module 4:

Dr. Brooke Ryan covers the importance of strengthening our back muscles to improve our posture.

Module 5:

L.J. demonstrates the key exercises to help reverse and prevent Dowager’s Hump.

Lifelong   Value   from   This   Course!

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video based learning
Video-Based Learning


From Our Guest Doctors


Exercise Plan Demonstrated via Video


latest science backed research on dowagers hump prevention and reversal
L.J.'s Research on Dowager's Hump


to Keep You on Track


dowager hump self assessment and workout schedule
Self-Assessment, Workout Calendar & More

Most Importantly, When You Implement What You Learn,

You   Can   Prevent,   and   even
Reverse   the   Progression   of,

Stand straighter and taller!

If you were to meet with each of these experts individually to receive their advice on prevention, input on the lifestyle and diet choices that are recommended, plus learn the specific exercises proven to help reverse and prevent Dowager’s Hump, you’re looking at

value over $1,200!

I’ve been able to bring all of this expertise together for you, all together in one course that you can learn at your own pace, for only

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