Meet Your Experts

L.J. Rohan- Gerontologist

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Dr. Mary Warren

Dr. Mary Warren, owner of Road Warrior Wellness™ and Vital Force Wellness has been practicing,
studying and researching in the field of Wholistic health care for 25 years. She authored Road
Warrior Wellness™ Handbooks, The Good, The Bad and The Bankrupt, Get Yourself Out of
Nutritional Deficit and shares her enthusiasm about wellness and good health through speaking
engagements, workshops, consulting and writing internationally.

Dr. Michael Williams

Dr. Michael Williams is a practicing chiropractor with three decades of experience. He is a
member of the National Board of Chiropractors Examiners, a member of the International
Academy of Medical Acupuncture and a Certified multi NAET Practitioner. Dr. Williams also
focuses on helping older adult achieve and maintain an optimum level of health without

Dr. Brooke Ryan

Dr. Brooke Ryan graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, her
residency focused on working with Medicare patients. She is a member of the American
Physical Therapy Association. In her practice Dr. Ryan works with adults of all ages on
rehabilitation after surgery, orthopedic conditioning, and whole-body strength-training to aid
injury prevention.