Myth: All Older (OLD) People Are the Same

When questioned, many younger people have very limited views of older people. Pioneer
researcher, Dr. Mary Lee Hummert found this to be true when comparing the views of younger
and older people. Further research expanding on Dr. Hummert’s findings show that younger
people think older adults are all pretty much the same…the poor misguided things.

This is especially true for older adults, who get distilled into having the same few
interchangeable traits. From the multitude of facets making up the personality, disposition, and
physical attributes of any person, younger people condense this host of identifying
characteristics into a few simplified traits which they believe all older adults share. Of course,
the older adults in the studies cited many more nuanced aspects, and a far more complex view
of themselves and folks older than themselves. With age comes wisdom and foresight.