Myth: Older Adults Grow Frailer As They Age, Making Exercise Dangerous

I knew this myth about us older folks existed, but it surprised me how prevalent it is. We know from decades of research that exercise can and should be a lifetime, life-long activity. It “de-ages” us, if you will, and holds the decline of aging at bay.

Exercise is one of the easiest, drug-free ways to keep our organs and cognition humming, improve our mobility, and keep our independence. The best experts in the field of healthful aging rank brisk walking as the number one way to keep from becoming frail as we get older.

It is weight-bearing, which is good for bone density, especially for us women, and it bolsters our coordination, working that part of our brain. Regular walking increases the production of all the good mood elevating hormones and pumps them through our system. And, when we walk with a friend, we strengthen our emotional health.

Oh, and have you read about the seniors winning cycling contests, weight-lifting contests, and dance contests? I would hardly call them frail!