In Case You Missed Something … My First Quarter 2020 Recap

Just in case you missed an article, here is a handy-dandy recap of all the great information I have shared with you so far this year. Pass it on!

 January 6, 2020–Is Your Cruisin’ Causing Your Bruisin’? 

Those of us in post-menopause bruise easier due the loss of our protective shield of hormones. My AIE: Arnica gel and Arnica homeopathic tablets, Ice, and Elevation work together to lessen the effects of those minor mishaps. 

 January 13, 2020 –Downsizing

As we get older, downsizing may ramp up the fear of losing control over our lives; possibly creating a downward spiral into feelings of despondency and depression. Exerting control over our lives lowers our cortisol levels and gives us a greater sense of well-being, hence, decluttering because we want to, way before we have to, isempowering.

 January 20, 2020—Who Will Care For Us Seniors?

A shortage of geriatric medical doctors, called Geriatricians, who specialize in the diseases of older folks may exist, but the good news is that 70% of seniors do not require specialized care. Trained nurse practitioners, PAs, and pharmacists, can become the foot soldiers for geriatricians. This extension of knowledge and care through different avenues will, I hope, serve all seniors, as these medical professionals add their expertise to that of the geriatric specialists, hopefully decreasing ageism prejudice.

January 27, 2020- Women and Heart Disease: The Facts May Surprise You, Part I

Unbeknownst to many people, heart disease is the number one killer of women each year.  Knowing all possible symptoms for women, which may differ from those that men experience, could save a life.

February 3, 2020-Women and Heart Disease: The Facts May Surprise You Part II

As well as focusing on healthy lifestyle habits to encourage early prevention of heart disease, women must be more proactive in protecting themselves. This includes being honest with their doctors about any heart health issues they may be experiencing, and insisting on having the proper tests to assess potential problems before they become serious.

February 10, 2020- Women and Heart Disease—The Good News!

The more healthy changes we make at any age, the better our hearts, and lives, will be. Dental care, proper diet and supplements, meditation, seven to eight hours of sleep per night, and regular exercise are critical to good heart health.

February 17, 2020-Susan Lucci’s Heart Attack Scare                                                                         Her doctor failed to order tests for her which would have revealed the 90% blockage in the main artery leading to her heart, and a 70% blockage in a branch artery even though her doctor knew her father had suffered a heart attack in his early forties.

February 24, 2020—Living with Intention                                                                                            We need to realize that life is both precious and finite. Our goals should be to live each day consciously choosing how we spend each minute, and to hold in our awareness that once that moment is gone, it’s gone forever.

March 2, 2020-Dancing May Be the Best Aerobic Exercise to Reduce Dementia

Put on your dancing shoes at least once a week to maintain and even boost the long-term health of your brain and reverse telemetric aging.

March 9, 2020–Powering Up Our Immunity to Help Stave off COVID-19—the Coronavirus.  Bolstering our immune system to fighting fitness always ranks as our first choice of defense against disease, and that holds true for COVID-19, the Coronavirus. Consider increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as your oral supplements—Vitamins C and D, a good multivitamin, honey, garlic, probiotics, selenium, and zinc.

March 16, 2020-What Does Aging Look Like to You?

We all have conscious and unconscious beliefs and ideas about how an older person (no matter your age) looks and acts and in this post I explore some of those negative cultural beliefs and give my alternate, and positive, belief about aging.

March 23, 2020-Electrolytes-Why We Need Them!

Electrolytes balance the body’s fluid levels. “Electrolyte imbalance,” which can be easily corrected in most of us, can become a serious issue in older adults. A diet low in nutrients or whole foods, too little exercise, and not drinking enough water can be major causes of electrolyte imbalance.

March 30, 2020–Your Quarterly Recap

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