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12 Best Brain Foods for Memory, Concentration, and Brain Health

To sum up my discussion on brain health, the aging brain, and the gut brain connection, I am listing below the best things to “feed” your brain to help it, and you, function at your most vibrant. Based on the latest research, I am listing these brain foods in rough order of importance.

The Best Brain Foods in Order of Importance

  1. Cut back or eliminate eating refined sugar—white or brown sugar and maple syrup. 
  2. Cut back or eliminate processed foods made from wheat—cookies, crackers, breads, breakfast cereal. (By a country mile, these two are the most important choices you can make for the health of your brain.)
  3. Eat a like an Italian, or Greek, or other culture from the Mediterranean region. (See my 1/28/2019 post at for more discussion about this tasty way of eating).
  4. Reduce your stress level: put more fun in your life.  Add quiet time or meditation into your day. Seriously consider adopting  a pet.
  5. Exercise moderately every day. Do enough to raise your heart rate to at least the lower end of the target range for your age: ( The formula there is 220-your age.)
  6. Develop a daily gratitude practice by looking for and acknowledging things going right in your life. (See my posts from June 2018 at for more guidance.)
  7. Get at least 7 hours (and ideally 8 hours) of good quality sleep each night. A key here is to be in bed, lights out by 11pm.
  8. Strengthen, or develop new friends: join a group, sign-up for a class, call your old classmates and plan a “want to see” people reunion (none of the bullies or meanies allowed). Volunteer somewhere out of your comfort zone.
  9. Learn to play a musical instrument. Challenging, (I’m doing it!) and so rewarding!
  10. Develop a meditation practice: Eastern-based, religious-based, or spiritually-based meditations are all great, and the benefits come from devoting twenty minutes a day to a structured practice of some kind.
  11. Challenge your brain with Neurobic exercises (see my Fun and Fitness for Your Brain blog post for a few suggestions and more information about this brain fitness approach.)
  12. Love with all your heart, and learn to live from your heart –your emotional brain. ????

Pick and choose from this smorgasbord of delicious options, the more of these you taste and add to your diet, the better you will feel, the sharper your cognitive skills will become, and you will be super-charging your memory! Yum-yum.

Until next time…Be Vibrant!