Quarterly Blog Recap

To make it easier to see what great information you might have missed while living your vibrant life, here is your quarterly summary of the hot topics I have cover so far this year. Enjoy!

January 7, 2019– Neuroboics

Neurobics, a brain-training program is helping people worldwide keep their memories sharp and their cognitive skills humming at near-peak performance. The exercises strengthen brain productivity, which results in faster retrieval of information as well as the ability to add new information into memory.

January 14, 2019—Vitamins For Brain Health and Longevity

Dr. Bruce Ames, Director of Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, has identified thirty known vitamins and minerals plus eleven other substances, which when taken at optimal levels are the best supplements for brain health. They are listed here.

January 22, 2019 –The Gut Brain Connection

Researchers have found a strong connection between the health of the gut and the general health of the rest of the body, most importan

January 28, 2019– Your Brain On Food

Summary: For a longer, healthier life follow a Mediterranean diet rather than the traditional American diet of refined carbohydrates. Eating organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible and cutting back on sugar consumption will also ensure better gut and brain health.

February 4, 2019—Best Brain Foods

Summary: Based on the latest research, here are a dandy dozen of the best things to “feed” your brain to help it, and you, function at your most vibrant.

February 11, 2019—Change Is Hard

Like so many health issues, we often feel fine until a health issue reaches critical mass, and then BOOM! We have a heart attack, or full-blown diabetes, or worse. Dropping white sugar and excessive wheat products out of our diet is the difficult, but healthy choice.

February 18, 2019 —How Pets Keep Seniors Healthy

Solid research published in the last few decades reveals the benefits of seniors owning a pet or having regular interaction with an animal. Those who have pets are physically and mentally healthier, have more independence, and have stronger and broader social connections, all contributors to keeping us vibrant as we get older. Pets may even reduce some symptoms of dementia.

February 25, 2019—Ten Amazing Black Women

There are so many accomplished women of color to acknowledge and applaud during Black History Month; women doing great things in the present, and ones from the past. In compiling this list, I hope to introduce a few rising stars and highlight the achievements of some lesser known ladies. Each of these women displays facets of what it means to be vibrant. They are true role models for us all.

March 4, 2019—The Truth About Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder gives many of us the blues, come winter gray skies. Light boxes, exercise– especially in the morning– yoga, lowering sugar intake, and keeping up with friends and hobbies can help you stay vibrant until the sun shines again.

March 11, 2019—3 Tests to Help Prevent Heart Attacks

Even today, women are far less likely to receive the same coronary care and treatment as men when it comes to their health outside of female issues. We are also three times more likely than men to die following a serious heart attack as a result of receiving less equal care and treatment. If heart disease runs in your family, or if only for peace of mind, insist that your doctor orders some baseline testing to rule out potential heart problems.

March 18, 2019—The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Every year in the United States, one billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed on our foods. So, where do all those pesticides go, and are they harmful to us? Here’s the list of fruits and vegetables you should always consider buying organic.

March 25, 2019—Quarterly Blog Summary

A quick and easy way to look back over what I discussed during the past three months and read any you might have missed. 😉

Until next time…Be Vibrant!

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