Third Quarter Blog Recap

July 8, 2019—Set in Our Ways

This behavior is happening in the US in greater numbers and is becoming a growing concern for seniors’ friends and family. More and more these seniors refuse to hear anything that defies their set beliefs, or their worldviews.

July 15, 2019—Tapping into a Better Brain

The latest research cites dancing as one of the outstanding ways to lay down new tracks in our aging brains and grow new brain cells along with sleeker muscles. I’m a work in progress but my personal experience with tap class has enriched my life.

July 22, 2019—It’s Never Too Late to Help Our Aging Brain

Telomeres, the protective end caps of our chromosomes, are found in every cell in our bodies. The longer and stronger our telomeres are, the higher functioning our brains and minds will be, and the less our bodies will decline and age. Exercise looks like the number one magic bullet to lengthen and strengthen our telomeres.      

July 29, 2019—Food For Thought

Our telomeres become shorter when fat accumulates around our middles, and the focus of our choices needs to be on our metabolic health by maintaining ideal levels of blood sugar, triglycerides, good cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference. A delicious upside for you: choosing fresh, whole (unprocessed) foods will ensure better metabolic health.

August 5, 2019—Your Brain on Food

For a longer, healthier life follow a Mediterranean diet rather than the traditional American diet of refined carbohydrates. Eating organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible and cutting back on sugar consumption will also ensure better gut and brain health.

August 12, 2019—Best Brain Foods for Memory, Concentration and Brain Health

Based on the latest research, here are a dandy dozen of the best things to “feed” your brain to help it, and you, function at your most vibrant.

August 19, 2019—Sugar Land

Knowing I was eating too much sugar, I decided to drop it from my diet for the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The resulting weight loss was beneficial, but more importantly, I was free of the sugar pull, free from wanting sweet things. That was empowering, very empowering, a sensation I continue to relish.

August 26, 2019—The Gut Brain Connection

Researchers have found a strong connection between the health of the gut and the general health of the rest of the body, most importantly for this discussion, the brain. By eating better, adopting a regimen of vitamins, and making a few lifestyle changes, we can strengthen our brains by lowering inflammation in our guts.

September 2, 2019—Let Me Sleep on That

Adequate sleep each night enhances every facet of our health and aging process. It strengthens different types of memories, clears waste products from the brain, offers immune protection against infections, and may lower the possibility of weight gain, depression, and the development of Type 2 diabetes.

September, 9, 2019—Sleep and Women at Midlife

The National Sleep Foundation Senior Health website recommends for adults 65 and older, 7-8 hours of sleep per night for better cognition, mental, and physical health. Seniors, especially women, suffer from sleep deprivation due to trouble falling asleep, tiredness, and the perchance for napping. Sleep issues affect as many as 25% of senior women.

September, 16, 2019—Sleep Suggestions, Part One

Setting a sleep schedule—and sticking with it is the number one suggestion for improving one’s sleep. Keeping a sleep journal, taking time to relax, reviewing medications, and monitoring caffeine and alcohol also help.

September, 23, 2019—Sleep Suggestions, Part Two

Several other hints for achieving the best sleep possible include cool bedroom temperatures, soothing books or music, monitoring light and outside noise, yoga, pillow position, and maintaining a mentally stimulating life.